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Salus designs and manufactures industry-leading hydronics, HVAC, and fan coil products for heating engineers and contractors who need to drive profitability and deliver customer satisfaction.

Through our high quality, innovative products, we enable contractors to provide homeowners and building managers with the comfort and control they need, while reducing installation times and minimizing call-backs.

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The Salus Smart Home Ecosystem

Say Hello to Precise Comfort …

… and goodbye to cracking open a window to control an individual room’s temperature. The Salus ARV10RFM Smart Radiator Valve is a quick-install replacement radiator valve which connects wirelessly to a Salus thermostat.

This plug-and-play, battery-powered radiator valve connects to the Salus AS20 thermostat so temperature can be controlled precisely. Also compatible with the Salus Smart Home ecosystem and app, for remote operation.

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